Wednesday 25 November

The weather has improved and we had a good day for our prospecting trip.

We used a Minelab 4500 gold detector which is apparently the best on the market. It had literally hundreds of settings, even used on automatic we had to continually retune for electromagnetic interference and ground mineralisation. Our instructor, who had been gold detecting for 30 years reckoned it takes about 6 months to become proficient in the use of this detector. Apparently they will find gold the size of a pinhead!

PB240006 Vicki was much better at using the detector than me. She could pick up the different tones better. Also my back gave out  about lunch time, she would still be there if we didn’t have to return the unit.

Needless to say we didn’t find any gold. We did find a couple of shotgun pellets. These are common on the goldfields and give off the same signals as gold.

We had a very enjoyable day and keep saying to ourselves “what if we had had a detector when passing through all the gold areas in WA”.

Leaving Bendigo tomorrow and going back to Melbourne to look at a few more caravans.

Good weather today before we move, so I’m catching up on the washing! (that’s the detector extraordinaire,Vicki, who found three bits of tin, a couple of worthless sparkling stones and thousands of ants!!) Have a good day my friends!

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