Rain and Wind

Sunday 22 November

PB220002 Well the temperature has dropped about 15 degrees, we have had in excess of 50mm rain and it is blowing a gale.

Instead of extreme heat and bushfire warnings we are now getting destructive wind and flood warnings.

One good thing about this caravan park is that they have free internet. They gave me a password and I now have a good wireless connection. I am taking advantage of this to update most applications as I have had the automatic updater turned off since we left home.

On Tuesday we are going gold hunting. We have hired a metal detector for the day and also paid for three hours instructions. So they will take us out to the goldfields, show us how to use the detector in the morning and then leave us to stumble around for the afternoon. Should be fun. These top of the line metal detectors are worth $6K and they are so much in demand that there is a two month wait on orders.

We were going to the Markets at the Showground here in Bendigo.  They are rather good, I’m told, but with the foul weather we’ve experienced overnight and during today we have become home bodies for the day and have occupied ourselves well.

Yesterday, 21 November, a significant day for Vicki, found us walking to the varied and interesting places in and around Bendigo.  We explored the Botanical Gardens, the many beautiful and Historic Churches which seem to grace the three main “hills” in the city.  Later we went to the Chinese Museum which introduced us to the early Goldfields of this area and the significant role played by thousands of Chinese who flocked to this area in the early 1850’s.  A stroll through the nearby Chinese Garden was memorable as the resident gold fish followed us as we strolled around the fish ponds.  They are used to being fed by the tourists.  Vicki said she felt a bit like St. Fancis of Assisi, who was renowned for his capacity to “attract” wild animals to himself!!

Another highlight was the Second Hand Book Shop with level upon level of books to browse through.  Seth is wrapped with a book on Infinity!!  I found a heap of Womens Weekly in the Laundry here at the Park today, so I’ve had my fill of Hollywood gossip and all the latest on Brad and Angie!!

Just had a look at Broome’s Cable Beach via their web cam. No one is swimming so the stingers must have arrived.

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