Dust storms

Friday 20th November

We are at Bendigo. Arrived yesterday and its been extremely hot. Temperatures in excess of 40 degrees. Lat night it was still 38 at 1900. Talk about global warming!

PB200032 Went to a caravan show this morning and then into the town centre to visit the Information Centre. Came out of the info centre to see that the predicted weather change had arrived. A front was moving through accompanied by high winds and dust. Went back to check on our camper and were relieved to find it still standing. According to the radio we are having wind gusts of 70 to 80 kilometres. Visibility was reduced to 100 metres in some areas. 

Left a still very hot Adelaide on Monday, overnighted at Horesham then to Melbourne on Tuesday.

I cannot understand why anyone would want to live in such a big place and put up with the traffic. A couple of hours of Melbourne traffic is enough to make your hair fall out and your beard turn white! Give me Orford any day. Stayed at Pakenham a couple of days whilst we looked at caravans then left for Bendigo on Thursday. I decided that I was feed up with dodging toll roads so changed the settings on Marilyn so that she would use them.

Anyway we found ourselves on the City Link toll road but it was so congested that the traffic was hardly moving. Once we finally got out of the tunnel it wasn’t too bad. Arrived at Bendigo about 1500. Got on the Internet and paid the toll charges.

Oh and by the way the wild goat cooked in the camp oven was scrumptiously delicious.

Just heard on the radio that an entire roof has been blown off a factory, a large number of traffic lights are out and some train services have been cancelled because of this storm.  People have been urged not to shelter under trees.  We are camped under a large Eucalypt which is swaying in the wind!! 

It is still hot and we are waiting for the rain, predicted to be heavy when it does arrive.  At least the swimming pool is only 20 metres away from the camper here! Might have a dip.

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