Hot Weather

Saturday 14 November

This hot spell Adelaide is having just gets longer and hotter. We have now postponed leaving until Monday in the hope it may be cooler. In spite of the heat we are having a great time in Adelaide. Its been extremely hot today and it is almost impossible to drink enough water.

To gain some information about caravans we have visited all of the major caravan dealers here. Most of their stock is large (to us anyway) vans, mainly in the 20 foot range, and they tell us that this is what sells, and what we see in caravan parks confirms this. However this is not for us. We have seen a couple of smaller vans but not in the configuration we require. However we have learnt a lot. We have ruled out some of the well known brands as their construction is pretty poor. Talking to the dealers has been an interesting experience, most seem to think that any road without a white line down the centre is “off road” and few have any real knowledge about the technical aspects of their vans. We did meet one dealer who despite knowing we would not be purchasing from him spent a considerable time answering our questions and explaining various issues. We visited his showroom twice as he had a large display of vans in a big warehouse and we could compare various size vans side by side.

The GPS (Marilyn) has been fantastic as I entered all the dealer addresses into the mapping software on the laptop, worked out a logical route to visit them then transferred it all to Marilyn. She then took us easily from one to the other. Whenever we felt hungry she then took us to the nearest McDonalds. We will repeat this in Melbourne.

PB140004 Today we walked a couple of kilometres along the foreshore track to Glenelg and took the tram to the city. I was wearing my red hat and the ticket collector said she thought I was Santa Claus, I promptly took the hat off and haven’t worn it since! We went to the central markets, fantastic. Fruits, vegies, meats breads, pastries in fact everything from the mundane to the exotic.  We brought some naan bread, cheese, pastrami and Moroccan spicy lentil paste and went and sat in a park and gorged ourselves on this tasty lunch. We then went back to the market and had some yoghurt, I resisted the almost overwhelming temptation to have a cup of chocolate from one of the chocolate fountains. This is a fantastic place to buy food, if we lived in Adelaide we would certainly shop here. As well as the market China Town with all its restaurants and Asian supplies is next door. Vicki is now cooking a haunch of young wild goat that we got at the market on the camp oven for dinner. Yum.

PB140005 Yesterday evening (Friday) the park started to fill up, in fact about triple the number of vans, tents etc are here now as compared to mid week. Apparently a lot of people from Adelaide and surrounding areas come here for the weekend over summer. There are kids everywhere and it is fairly noisy.  We daren’t use the pool, it is so crowded with kids and fat people, I think it is a health hazard so we went for a swim at the beach just behind the park. The shark spotter plan has twice circled the beach with its siren sounding but this afternoon all was quiet. Not much of a beach but it did cool us down. I’m afraid Cable Beach has really spoilt us.

Just heard the weather forecast for tomorrow, it is going to be even hotter!

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