The Nullarbor

Friday 6 November


The sign says it all. 146 kilometres of straight boring bitumen, and the rest of the road wasn’t much better.

Left Esperance on Tuesday turned east at Norseman onto the Nullarbor. Made camp that night at Baxter Rest Area which is 115 kilometres east of Balladonia. Not a bad campsite, just a long drop and a bit of shelter from the wind. About half a dozen other vehicles overnighted there.


 PB030004 PB040014

A cold night however. Next morning moved on and into South Australia. At Border Village we had mobile reception and I received a message from our bank that because of probable fraudulent transaction on our credit cards they had been suspended. I confirmed that the transaction where indeed fraudulent and the cards have been cancelled and new cards sent to Adelaide for us to pick up. Luckily we have other cards we can use until we get to Adelaide.

We changed our watches from WA to SA time. In WA sunset had been about 1830 local time whilst in WA it is about 2030 local time. WA does not have daylight saving. When travelling we like (but don’t always) to make camp about 2 hours before sunset.

PB040013 PB040021

After we left Border Town the road moves closer to the coast and the sea is intermittently visible. Unfortunately most of the cliff top look outs have been closed, maybe a couple of tourists fell off them? We only found one open. Even the Head of Bight lookout is closed.

PB040024 In South Australia the overnight camping spots became scarcer and toilets harder to find. We managed to find a sheltered spot to camp the night near Nullarbor. No long drop but we do have a shovel after all. The road trains run 24 hours a day and there is a fair amount of road kill to show this. Mainly roos and emus.

Next morning moved on and arrived at Ceduna mid afternoon where at the fruit fly inspection station they relieved us of a couple of potatoes. We had just finished the apples and bananas. From Ceduna we could either head almost directly east directly to Port Augusta or head south east down the Eyre Peninsula. Despite probable high winds we decided to investigate the peninsula as our new credit cards will not be available in Adelaide until next Wednesday.

Our camps book showed a possible camp at Haslam, 68 kilometres from Ceduna.


This turned out to be a pretty good camp. Right behind the beach with toilets and rubbish bins, it was a community camp ground at only $5 a night. Only a couple of other people there which suits us. I think most people prefer to go to the more expensive commercial caravan parks.

We  meet up with a couple here who we had talked to in the Kalgoorlie caravan park as we liked the look of their small caravan. They prospect for gold each year and take their van right out into the bush. So we will have a cuppa with them and talk about things as travellers do.

No facilities at Haslam which is just a small village, I would think mainly retirees and weekenders. There is a community post office but Vicki missed the post as it is only open 9:00 to 9:30 four days a week.

PB060037 PB060035

Vicki couldn’t resist fishing off the jetty. As yet all she has caught is a skate but it will be high tide this evening so we will see what we can catch then. Might even get some squid.

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