Super Pit and Skimpies

Friday 30 October

As it was only about 180 kilometres from Menzies to Kalgoorlie, we arrived early and managed to get the car serviced the same afternoon. We have now done 16,000 kilometres since we left home.

Kalgoorlie seems to be best known for the Super Pit and Skimpies and not necessarily in that order.


The Super Pit is incredible. This picture shows only a portion of it but on the operating floor is a 700 tonne shovel worth $10M (there are 4) loading 65 tonnes a time into the Haul Pak trucks. Alan Bond had the foresight to see that underground mining on the “Golden Mile” was no longer profitable so he started the buying up of the individual leases therefore making the Super Pit possible. We spent a considerable time watching the operation from a special viewing area.



Today we spent most of the day at the Miners Museum and Hall of Fame. We went on an underground tour, only the first level at 36 metres unfortunately, we then watched a “gold” pour.

Vicki is holding the just poured ingot which is 50 ounces. Alas it was not pure and whilst valuable was not worth $1350 an ounce (today’s price).


PA300013 PA300016


The grounds of the museum were extensive and included this beautiful Chinese garden.

That occupied most of the day so I haven’t had any time to do research on Skimpies yet!

We will head off tomorrow. This caravan park isn’t for us. It seems to be the larger the town, the larger the physical size of the caravan park, the smaller the individual sites and the smaller the facilities. In other words the bigger the town the more they seem to want to squeeze into a park.  

Tomorrow we will join the long line of grey nomads crossing the Nullarbor. Very boring. It is now too hot to cross the desert with only one vehicle and anyway it would take too long to get permits, moreover the couple of tracks that can be used are now too far north of us. So its the Nullarbor Highway for us.

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