Thunder and lightning

Tuesday 27 October


We stayed three days at the Warroora camp site as despite the wind it was a fantastic place.

It was Amanda’s birthday so Vicki made a chocolate cake and much wine was drunk by all.

Whilst snorkelling I found a Mother of Pearl shell so with dreams of finding an immensely valuable pearl inside I brought it ashore. Alas when opened it did not contain a pearl but we finely sliced the pearl meat and ate it raw. Although there was not much meat it was quite nice. 


This is a view from the top of the sand dune you climb over to leave the campsite. We where camped next to Roelof and Amanda’s troopie that is visible in the picture.

It was then only about 150 kilometres to Carnarvon to fill up water and diesel and replenish supplies.

We should have taken more notice of the Asian lady at the service station you said “oh no, you camping, big storm due tonight” however we pressed on to a coastal campsite called Gladstone that was about 216 kilometres south of Carnarvon and 6 kilometres from the main road. Latitude 25 55


We set up camp on the foreshore and for awhile it was quite pleasant. Then the lightning and thunder started and the lightning got closer and closer until it was all around us. I decided it was not safe to remain in the camper as we were surrounded by low lying scrub and the metal hoops in the camper were far too good a lightning attractor for safety. We spent about 2 hours in the car until the worst of the electrical storm had passed. We had no sooner got to bed than the wind arrived. Gale force gusts screaming across the bay. We couldn’t stay in bed but it would have been too dangerous to pack up so we waited it out. About midnight we finally got to PA260061sleep. Up at first light, packed up and ready to move by 0600. We had had rain during the night and that 6 kilometre track from the road was now almost impassable. As you can see in the photo the track traverses several clay pans. We spent an interesting time skidding around the track but finally got out. The car and trailer was covered in red mud, it was even all over the roof!

We decided that we had finally had enough of the combination of wind and camper trailer and decided to head east instead of heading to Steep Point, the most westerly point on the Australian mainland. We will leave this until we are better able to handle wind and storms.

 PA260069 PA260070


So called into a roadhouse, had a truckies breakfast and headed south. At Binnu we turned east. The roadside was just carpeted in wildflowers of all colours and sizes. Absolutely beautiful!

We were now in grain country, huge fields and roads that disappeared into the distance.



PA260073 PA260080

At Mullewa we saw this (left picture) very pretty Catholic Church, it even had gargoyles and was designed by a Monsignor Hawes.  He spent the final years of his life as the Hermit of a remote Island in the Bahamas.  This church and its History seem to be the main attraction of a very nice little town. It is still used today and is attached to the school. At Yalgoo we saw a pretty (right picture) Dominican convent, now unused, but nevertheless a very interesting piece of History and architecture using local stone materials.  Most unexpected and most interesting.

Although it was getting late in the day we pushed on to Mt Magnet arriving about 1730. We had done 660 kilometres for the day and where back in the Outback!

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