Warroora Station

Friday 23 October

PA220023 Left Coral Bay yesterday morning bound for Warroora Station. Lots of gorgeous wildflowers by the roadside on the way.

Turned off the main road on to the 34 kilometre homestead track and found the road heavily corrugated. Stopped and let all tyres down to 28 psi and then continued. About 1 kilometre further on we meet a grader that was grading from the homestead to the main road so the rest of the drive was pretty good. On the way we had the UHF radio scanning and picked up some conversation that had us intrigued. We eventually worked out that it was a spotter plan giving directions to Coral Bay tourist boats so that the boats could get close to Manta Rays.

Warroora Station is a family run sheep and cattle station which has 51 kilometres of the Ningaloo coastline as its western boundary. Sheering is presently underway on the station.

Called into the homestead to pay our camping fees and ask if they could recommend an area that would give us some protection from the wind. We where directed to an area known as Stevens. The camping here was between the first sand dunes from the beach and the second row of dunes. It was certainly sheltered as on top of the dunes the force of the wind driven sand was painful, however it was still windy in the camp site. In my search for the perfect camp we again got bogged but managed to reverse out after letting our tyres down. I really will have to be more careful.


Set up a full camp including the rear annexe using all our newly acquired large pegs. We find that the rear annexe helps to stabilise the camper in windy conditions. As this is very open country we set up the “use to be a shower tent” as a toilet tent. Had to tie it to the front of the car for extra support against the wind. For showering, as there are few people around we just wait until it gets dark and then suspend the solar shower from a tent pole extending out from the cars roof rack.

We are camped at S23 27.235 E113 46.881 Look this up in Google Earth and you can see the area in which we are camped.

PA220027 We had meet another couple of campers at Yardie Creek and then run into them on the track and at Coral Bay. Leaving Coral Bay we said to each other that we might see each other at Warroora never expecting to see them because of the 50 kilometres of coast. However about 1500 Roelof and Amanda drove into camp. They like us had asked if there was any shelter and had been directed to the same place as us. They had also asked if King Neptune had been through, I think this was a reference to my long silver beard, and had been assured that he had and was probably at Stevens Camp Area.

PA220031That evening Amanda made pop corn and we had a enjoyable evening just sitting around chatting. However it got quiet cold and we had to put on long sleeves and move inside the camper. It got down to 22 degrees! Anymore of this and we will have to head back north. Temperatures during the days are lovely, around the low thirties.

Went fishing this morning but didn’t catch anything. Oh well it looks like sausages tonight. The beach combing has been terrific and we have collected some great shells including a lot of cowries.

Now you know what I said previously about wet suites, well I put mine on today. I think the water has got down to about 25 degrees. The fringing reef is only about 100 metres from shore and there are interesting bommies between the reef and shore.

Despite a forecast of reduced winds they have increased if anything and I think we are all heartily sick of them. If there is no letup we will probably move on to Carnarvon tomorrow.

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