Yardie Creek

Saturday 17 October


Just look at the view from our shower tent!

Broome is about 18 degrees south latitude whilst Exmouth is 22 degrees. So whilst we have travelled about 1,500 kilometres between the two towns we have only moved approximately 240 kilometres south. We are now experiencing mid 30’s during the day with low 20’s of a night. We had to use a doona last night! Exmouth also apparently has four seasons and not the wet and dry season of the tropics, although we are still north of the Tropic of Capricorn. Broome is on the same latitude as Tully (just south of Innisfail) and Exmouth the same as Sarina (just south of Mackay).

From our campsite we can see surf breaking on the outer fringing reef as it is only about a kilometre offshore.

PA170009 Yesterday whilst the ranger was doing his rounds a King Brown snake went through the campsite alongside us and then disappeared into the scrub. About two hours later Vicki saw him in our camp. Unfortunately the sharp edge of my long handled spade then “accidently” fell and killed him. This morning we saw a perenti lizard eating the dead snake.

There is no mobile coverage so we cannot update the blog or make phone calls however at odd times text messages get through.

The ranger has confirmed that we can get to Coral Bay by crossing Yardie Creek then proceeding south on a 4wd track about 150 kilometres. There are two further campsites in the national park south of Yardie Creek and according to the ranger, even at peak times because of their remoteness there is usually space at these camps. We will check them out for future reference. We have been advised to let our tyres down because of loose sand in and near the creek. It will be good to leave the bitumen if only for a short while. To quote Banjo Paterson “on roads seldom crossed save by those who are lost” are my preferred roads.


There is a continual stream of visitors. This fella wandered into camp for a handout.







Just after the roo visited we could see dirt being thrown up from an animal digging. It was this large peranti looking for food. He then casually strolled through camp on his way to another piece of scrub.

The solar shower works really well in this heat. After laying in the sun all day it is necessary to add cold water or it is too hot to shower with. With the solar shower hooked up in our shower tent we can have a really good hot shower using only a couple of litres of water.

We have been swimming and snorkelling several times a day. Whilst the coral isn’t particularly brilliant close to the beach there are a lot of colourful fish and even some turtles. Next year we won’t bring our wetsuits as we shouldn’t be swimming anywhere that requires us to use a wetsuit! We will save them for Tassie.

Last night was very windy. Between 2 and 5 we had gusts exceeding 30 kilometres an hour. I got up and put a couple of extra guys out but the tent was really shaking. Not very pleasant and I expect the same tonight.

We will pack up camp as much as possible this evening as low water at the creek is 0528 tomorrow morning so we have to get a very early start. As the creek is saltwater I prefer to cross at low water and therefore minimise any salt water on the vehicle and trailer.

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