Coral Bay

Wednesday 21 October

If ever a town existed solely for tourists then this is it. Two caravan parks, a hotel, two small convenience stores, a couple of expensive restaurants and numerous tourist excursion operators and that is Coral Bay.

There are trips to view the reef from under the water, on top of the water, by boat, by plane and by quad bike. In fact by any and all means possible. However  the bay is fantastic, a small cove of pure white sand with azure blue water. The coral grows right into the bay and just 30 metres from shore it is possible to snorkel amongst the coral and fish.

PA210001 Vicki was entranced by the snapper swimming in shallow water, they came right up to her whilst she was snorkelling. It was all I could do to stop her going back to camp for a fishing rod!

We have purchased the supplies that we require, as you can imagine the convenience stores are not cheap, done the laundry and filled up our water tanks so tomorrow we will leave most of the the tourists behind and move south to Warroora Station.


PA210006 PA210015


This station is only 40 kilometres south of Coral Bay and is right on the coast. For a small fee you can camp on the station and we have been told it is fantastic. We will wait and see but it will certainly be cheaper than Coral Bay. This community (it is really to small to be called a town) gets its electricity from wind turbines so it comes as no surprise that the area has lived up to its reputation for wind. It is very gusty tonight so I have tied the tropical roof down and put in extra pegs. The forecast shows the winds decreasing over the next 5 days so we could be in for some good weather.

We will be out of mobile and internet coverage when we leave here tomorrow and won’t be back in communication until we head into Canarvon which could be quiet a while if Warrorra Station is really good camping.

Happy birthday Kim.

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