Tuesday 13 October

Luckily it is late in the season and most of the tourists have moved south or we would not have got into the Dampier Transit Caravan Park. This park only has 17 sites and the maximum stay is 3 days. It is a very pretty park, lots of trees and a very friendly young couple who manage it.  


This is the scene from the front of the park. The loading facility takes 4 very large ore carriers at a time. In the first photo you can see a fully laden carrier departing.

Not that I ever served on ore carriers in my time at sea but they do have a reputation as being uncomfortable. With all that weight loaded into them they have a roll that is anything but gentle.

The amount of Australia that is being exported seems enormous when you see all the loading facilities and ore carriers on this part of the coast. There must be a very big hole in Australia somewhere. Perhaps Burke and Wills were correct in taking a boat with them when they went of to find the inland sea, they were just about 300 years too early!

PA120004 PA120001

These photos are of the gas processing facility as this is where the north west shelf gas comes ashore. The complex is huge and naturally enough the only visitor access is from the visitor centre that overlooks the facility. In the far left of the first photo is the stern of a LNG ship.

As well as the ore and LNG there is also the largest fertiliser plant and largest salt extraction facility in Australia exporting from here.

PA120008 Karratha  is the town servicing all this industry and there are acres and acres of new houses and acres and acres of houses under construction.

The town has a very modern and large shopping centre with all the shops you normally find in such a centre. It even has a McDonalds.

PA120006The only thing it doesn’t have is a good swimming beach. We are still in crocodile country and with very large tides. 

This is the most popular swimming beach, Hearsons Cove, but there is also a warning sign about recent crocodile sightings in the area.

Tomorrow we will head further south west, probably camping on the Exmouth Peninsula.

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