Cape Keraudren

Friday 9 October


We meant to do some packing up Wednesday night however we had drinks with some of our neighbours at the caravan park so that put a stop to that. We had met some really nice long term residents of the park and we will miss their company. Thanks Wayne, Jenny, Brian and Irene.

  • Got up at 5:30 and after a shower left Broome at 8:30. The road south was boring, bitumen, long and straight with low scrub on either side.

The road runs inland so you do not even see PA080006 the coast. However we did pass lots of wildflowers. Arrived at Cape Keraudren about 1600 hours. Vicki quizzed the ranger about crocodiles and he confirmed they did live in the creeks. We ended up making camp just inside an inlet as this was the only sheltered spot we could find. We would have liked to camp at one of the spots on the beach but it was just too windy for the camper.

The sign at the boat ramp warns of stone fish, stingrays, sharks and crocodiles, so that pretty well ruled out swimming!

In the morning I talked to the ranger when he came past and he suggested I try fishing the gutters on the mudflats as the tide came in. He did say to keep an eye on the mangroves just in case a saltie decided to venture out.

PA090020 PA090022

Let me tell you, it is very hard to fish whilst trying to check 360 degrees. Needless to say I didn’t catch anything but I could see some big fish working the shallows. Vicki opted to fish from the rocks, but once again with no results. She then decided that she needed to cool off and the only safe place for that was in really shallow clear water on some rocks near the boat ramp.

Two things are becoming evident from this trip:

One is you really need a boat if you are going to have any chance of catching fish; and

Two is a camper trailer is better suited for short term excursions and not extended living in all conditions.

Tomorrow we will head a bit further south. Not sure where, we will explore a bit and stop when the mood takes us.

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