Goodbye Broome – Almost

Wednesday 7 October

Tomorrow we plan to make for Cape Keraudren. This is 475 kilometres south of Broome and at the southern end of Eighty Mile Beach.

It is very difficult to find free bush camping areas on the WA coast. Most of the coast line is privately owned or under pastoral lease. A lot of owners allow access but charge a fee, mostly these fees are significantly less than caravan park fees but not always. At Cape Kerauden the council has installed a caretaker/ranger to regulate the camping and according to the internet it will only cost a $9 a day to camp right on the beach.

There are a couple of other camping spots on eighty mile beach but it seems to us we are better going about 400 to 500 kilometres and then making camp for a few days (or weeks) rather than trying to camp at every spot that comes along.

If we like Cape Keraudren we might stay awhile, if we don’t we will move on. One article we read warned of crocodiles in the area however that could apply to almost anywhere here, we will check with the ranger.

Eighty Mile Beach was famous for its extensive beds of big pearl shells in the days of the hard hat diver and it is still worked by divers today for harvesting wild shells. A lot of early divers lost their lives on these beds due to “the bends” and several cyclones decimated the pearling fleets working this area.

I took the car to be checked out as there was a distinct “thud” coming from the front drivers side. The mechanic found two problems. Firstly the lower bushing on the drivers side shock absorber had failed. This was a new Tough Dog shockie that I put on for the trip about six months ago and had only done 10,000 kilometres. The only available replacements in Broome where Monroe shockies so we have a set of these on the front now. I have the faulty shockies packed away and will attempt a warranty claim when I get home. Secondly the bull bar had developed cracks in not only the aluminium welding but the actual aluminium itself. This is a genuine Nissan bull bar but it is not nearly strong enough to handle corrugated roads. You may remember that we had to have it re bolted in Alice Springs by the Nissan agent but they failed to pick up this problem. Anyway it has been taken off and strengthening gussets welded in. It may be time to look for another vehicle?

We walked to Cable Beach for our daily swim today and the exercise in 31 degrees made the swim twice as enjoyable.  We both washed the salt and sand off in the beach shower before the walk home and the cool shower  back at the park was just the answer to a hot day!  We hope to set out early in the morning so that we can sight see on the way.  The  coastline looks so interesting, and while we are sad to say farewell to Broome till next year, we are definitely looking forward to exploring this piece of the WA coastline.

While the car is being done, we catch a bus into town and do a few things in the cool shopping centres!!  We’ll pick up the car later. Happy Birthday to Riley, Margie and Gloria, as well as Kim and Sanaa and TK this month.  We remember you on your day and will catch up when we get home.

So there is snow on Mt Wellington that is visible if the rain eases! Perhaps we won’t come much further south just yet. I don’t want to rub it in but have you checked out the Cable Beach web cam lately?

There is probably no mobile coverage at Cape Kerauden so this blog may not get updated for a few days. I know several people use a free web page update notification service to advise them when the blog has been updated. Do a Google on this service and you will find several providers. This is the address of one such provider:

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