Staircase To The Moon

Tuesday 6 October

PA050003 We, and several thousand other people, went to view the “staircase to the moon” last night.

This occurred from 1850 to 1900. As well as the moon rising there was also a market, this was substantially the same stallholders as the regular weekend courthouse markets. There were some good food stalls so we had an enjoyable evening meal.


PA050005 PA050006

Once again our camera was not really up to the task however by taking it out of automatic, turning off the flash and using time exposure I managed to get some photos. We did not have a tripod with us and most of the photos where ruined because I could not hold the camera still for the required period. A tripod has been added to our list of things to take with us next year. Above are photos of Town Beach at sunset with the tide out and of the port just after sunset.


Well this is what everyone came to see and with the naked eye it was certainly very beautiful.

Unfortunately you can see that the camera moved slightly during the time exposure but you can get an idea of the moons reflection in the exposed mudflats of Roebuck Bay.

We have started our preparations for moving on. The roof rack has been re mounted on the car, Vicki has re packed all the storage and we have thoroughly washed down the camper. Of course we are still having our daily swim at Cable Beach in that glorious 29C water!

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