Sunday 4 October

We are trying to decide the route we should take to get back to Orford. The shortest route is 4,657 kilometres but that would take us back over the Tanami and we would rather not back track. It is 5,557 kilometres if we go south to Port Headland then inland to Kalgoorlie. If we follow the coast as far as Perth it is 6,733 kilometres. Of course these distances do not allow for the inevitable diversions that we will certainly take.

Broome has been terrific but we are getting itchy feet and will almost certainly head off down the coast later in the week.

We have found that the cheapest beer is XXXX Gold at around $34 per carton of 30 cans. So this is the beer we have been drinking.

We have also found a sauvignon blanc put out by the Long flat Company (remember the Long Flat Red) at $10 for a 1 litre cask when purchased in a six pack. This equates to $8.50 for a standard 750ML bottle so its not bad buying and well chilled it is quiet palatable. Also it stows very well.

We enjoy receiving your emails even if we don’t have much to say in our response as it is all on the blog, so please keep them coming.

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