Water and Wind

Wednesday 30 September


The caravan parks are less than half full at this time of the year but from June to August it is difficult to get a site. The caravan park we are in is booked out for these months next year. We are told another park is booked out for these months until 2016! The largest caravan park in Broome has 500 sites and puts its rates up from $235 to $295 per week for these three months. Unfortunately there is no bush camping anywhere close to Broome.


The Japanese cemetery contains over 900 graves with a large percentage being pearl divers. It is a reminder of the dangers the early divers faced and a timely reminder about cyclones. The cemetery has recently been renovated and is now protected by a high fence, locked gates and video cameras. In contrast the Muslim and Malay cemeteries are very desolate and uncared for.

There occurs a phenomena here called “stairway to the moon” (don’t you just love these tourist centric names they come up with) that occurs early next week that we will stay to see. It occurs when a full moon rises over the Roebuck Bay mud flats just as the sun sets and coincides with a low tide. The moon creates a reflection on the mudflats that resembles a staircase reaching to the moon. The only hiccup for next week is that as a precursor to the wet clouds are starting to build and this of course would ruin it. Still we will hang around and see what happens.

Talking of tourist centric names the tidal race in the Buccaneer Archipelago is know as a “horizontal waterfall”. We see lots of float planes landing and taking off from Broome heading north and these are probably taking tourists to fishing camps in the Archipelago or to view the so called “horizontal waterfalls”. 

P9300001 The water temperature is now 29C, it won’t be long before water and air temperatures are the same. There is also an increase in wind and whilst we appreciate the cooling breezes this bring we have become more prepared to handle strong winds with the camper. All the guy ropes have now been fitted with springs and we have purchased extra strong tent pegs. The round pegs are made from 10mm bar and should give us a chance to drive in pegs when the ground is very hard. The right angle section pegs are 450mm long and are our wind pegs.

Wouldn’t mind staying up here for the wet. Maybe next year?

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