Leaving on a jet plane

Tuesday 29 September

Remember that old song, well Jill and Shane left on Sunday to return home.

P9260001 P9270012

Notice the photo on the left, everyone is in Broome rig. On the right Jill and Shane are on the way to the airport and have sadly had to change into southern rig.  We watched the AFL grand final at their unit in the Frangipani Resort. All Broome seemed to come to a stop whilst it was on. AFL is the only footy code that counts up north, the other codes don’t get a look in.

We had a great time whilst they were here and just wish they could have stayed longer.  However unlike us trainee beach bums they have commitments.


Went to the courthouse markets on Saturday. The courthouse is a splendid example of an early 1900’s tropical building. It was originally the cable house where the telegraph cable from Java was terminated (Hence Cable Beach) and is heritage listed. Unfortunately it is not really a suitable court house and has just been criticised by the WA Chief Justice. 

The markets were not all that exciting. Not a patch on the Salamanca Markets. However the grounds of the court house are filled with magnificent tropical trees. We saw some beautiful orchids for sale but doubted that they would survive in Tassie.P9260015 P9260021








Went fishing on the Broome jetty this morning. Spent several hours and didn’t catch a thing. Still it was fun. The jetty was busy. A cattle transporter was being loaded and there was a continual stream of road trains carrying cattle moving along the wharf. Two oil rig supply vessels came into the wharf to load supplies, a Paspaley pearling ship docked and the Young Endeavour is anchored just seaward of the wharf. Vicki has seen things from the jetty such as turtles and sea snakes that she has never seen before.

As we didn’t catch anything we called into the fish wholesaler near the wharf. They have three boats netting Roebuck Bay. We got talking to one of the men and it turned out his parents live in Tassie at St Helens. He suggested we try a fish called Tripletail. So we purchased a half kilo boneless filet and half a kilo of prawns. Vicki has cooked it tonight in a bit of butter and it was superb, about the best that I have ever had.

Must mention the Broome airport. Broome is on a small peninsula and the airport is smack in the middle. With the prevailing weather pattern at the moment planes approach the airport and are on final descent at about 300 metres over China Town, the main shopping precinct. The outdoor movie theatre (complete with deck chairs) is right on the flight path and of an evening whilst watching a movie you hear a roar and overhead is a plane just about to touch down. Planes taking of go over Cable Beach.

Swimming every day, we cannot get enough of this 28C surf – just fantastic.

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