A tale of two beaches

Saturday 26 September

After being told innumerable times how much rain and how many storms Tasmania has had recently, Diane sent us some photos substantiating this. 

DSC_0357 DSC_0350

Diane took these at Millington’s Beach Orford last weekend. I certainly have never seen so much spume on the beach. It must have been quiet a storm. The sky looks very grey and overcast.

P9250001 P9250003

This is Cable Beach yesterday morning. Falling tide about half way out.


Yesterday evening we, Jill, Shane, Vicki and I had fish and chips on the grass embankment that overlooks the beach. Washed down with suitably chilled wine of course. 

The fish was very nice but we remarked that it was not as nice as the fish we get from the Triabunna fish punt.

Mind you the prawns up here are absolutely delicious!

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