Sunset at Cable Beach

Friday 25 September

P9240003 P9240007

Had a fantastic evening yesterday. With Jill and Shane we drove onto Cable Beach and then a couple of kilometres north to have a swim and watch the sunset whilst having tea and drinks.

The tides are so huge here that at low water the beach is about half a kilometre wide. The first photo is taken at the waters edge and the tide still has two hours before low water.


P9240011 P9240012


P9240020Whilst there are lots of cars on the beach the beach is so big that you don’t really notice other cars until you are near the exit point. Its not unusual to see a hire van bogged near here. Also the camels that take tourists for sunrise and sunset walks (not us) on the beach use this exit so it can get a little congested at times.



P9240025 P9240042

P9240037 Twilight here is very short compared to Tasmania. There is of course also the difference in temperature, both water and air. Spring Beach will never be the same again!

It was such a magic evening that we are going to do it again tonight!

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