Coconuts and surf

Monday 21 September


Just look at the colour of that water.

This is Town Beach on the eastern side of the Broome peninsula. We sat on the grass here with a cool drink yesterday (Sunday) morning.

There are yachts, tourist boats and oil rig supply boats anchored offshore. Because the bay is shallow and the tides are so large the anchorage is a long way offshore. The multihulls that can stand on the bottom on a low tide anchor close in. You can see a catamaran to the left of the palm tree. At low water the owners simply drive their car out to the boat.  P9200013

The jetty is Streeters Jetty (at low water) the original jetty to which the pearling luggers came to unload. The jetty is no longer in use and has fallen into disrepair. People do fish and catch fish of this jetty at high water but as you can see at low water it is only mud. Probably mud crabs as well but Vicki wasn’t to keen on going and finding out, something about crocodiles in the mangroves I think.


  P9210015 P9210019

Coconuts are lying everywhere, you can just pick them up from the foot path. I still remembered from my days in New Guinea how to husk and open the eyes on the nut. The nut above that I have just opened was full of beautiful milk which we drank immediately. The nut was young enough to have tender flesh that you could just peel out, scrumptious. So much different to store bought coconuts. P9200006We have a cache of these nuts at our camp.

Our camp is very comfortable and we will stay here until at least the end of the month. So far the solar panels are generating enough power for our needs.

We have been surfing at Cable Beach every day. It was fantastic that we brought our body board with us. Have a look at Cable Beach in real time on the Cable Beach web cam

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