Cable Beach – Broome


Friday 18 SeptemberP9180019

Air Temperature 33C (in the shade)

Water Temperature 28C

Absolutely gorgeous, what a contrast to the desert.

Rang Shane and Jill yesterday to see where they were staying whilst in Broome. Shane said there was a caravan park across the road from their accommodation. He rang back in a couple of minutes with the information that it was the Tarangau Caravan Park so we put this into Marilyn (our GPS) and she new the address. Vicki gave them a call to see if they could fit us in and the cost. It was $30 a night for an unpowered site which is the going rate. Fitting us in was no problem as it was the end of the season and because of the heat a lot of tourists are heading south.

When we arrived the site they allocated us was not the best, I would have been happy with it if we where only staying one or two nights, so Vicki pointed to a very nice site and said what about that. The response was that is a powered site but we have plenty of those so you can use it. That was terrific as we have a beaut site that faces north. We prefer this orientation because of the solar panel on the camper and also because we get the best ventilation and shading in the camper with this orientation. We have found that whilst we prefer to bush camp where possible, near big towns and resorts it is often not possible. We have also found that unpowered sites are normally intended for tents and we have a problem fitting the camper in as when set up it is quiet large especially if the awnings are erected.

P9180025 P9180024


For the first time since taking delivery of the camper we set up the rear annex with the two walls. There are 4 walls available. We purchased the wall behind the galley (side wall) and the one that forms part of the back wall, thereby enclosing the galley. My reasoning being that in inclement weather we could virtually enclose the galley. However at the moment it is the sun we need protection from so we have utilised the back wall on the side. Whilst it is not designed to go there it sort of fits even if it is reversed. Both walls have roll up sections so the shade can be controlled.

P9180009Both solar panels are in operation. Solar panels actually loose performance in heat so it is going to be a test of the panels capability if we stay here a couple of weeks (or even more). You can see in one of the above photos the permanent panel on the camper and the portable panel behind the vehicle. I have designed the wiring so that both panels can be plugged into the camper if the car is away or, if the car is in camp the auxiliary battery in the car can be connected into the circuit. This gives us maximum versatility and I hope maximum performance. As part of our extended stay camp set up the fridge has been taken from the vehicle, set up next to the galley and plugged into the camper.


Last night we went will Jill and Shane to the outdoor movies, deck chairs and all. Took fish and chips, barramundi of course.

This morning it was Cable Beach and that glorious 28C water. Not bad after Spring Beaches 10C!

This afternoon we will go into town for an hour or so before going over the road to Jill and Shanes for a swim in their pool and then watch the AFL.

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