Tanami – continued

P9110037 Up early despite our very late night. We are now getting days over 40C so we like to be packed up early.

We travelled with Craig and Kerry for the next couple of days. I think last nights episode left a bit of an impression on us all.

In some areas the termite mounds were very numerous. We must have passed hundreds of thousands of them.

Made for Rabbits Flat Roadhouse. This is apparently the most isolated roadhouse in Australia


The first photo is Kerry in front of the roadhouse. You can just make out the building in the background. The second photo shows the serving hatch. The place is like a fortress and not very welcoming. The same people have owned it since 1969. Apparently it is an oasis out the back, they even have their own orange grove. From the front however it is concrete block walls and steel shutters. Didn’t fuel here as I have 60 litres in jerry cans which should see me through.

P9110040 The road from here westward was very corrugated. Passed a truck bringing explosives into the mines and his front end was jumping all over the place. We took to driving on the road shoulder were possible, sometimes at quiet an angle. I said to Vicki at one time that she should open her door and lean out just as though she was on a sailing boat. I don’t think she was amused! The independent suspension on the camper handled it very well. I was certainly glad to have this type of suspension.

Camped that night on Sturt Creek near the aboriginal settlement of Billiluna. A nice camp even if the creek only had muddy waterholes.

Next morning drove into Billiluna to see if the store was open. It wasn’t, it was Sunday after all. This was a dismal settlement and we only drove straight to the store and out as we didn’t have an entry permit. We felt like we where watched the whole time. This is also the northern entry point to the legendary Canning Stock Route.

Next stop was Wolf Creek meteorite crater.P9130078This is an incredible site when viewed from the crater rim. Apparently it is the second largest crater in the world in which meteorite fragments have actually been found. Vicki is sitting on the crater rim. In the centre are small muddy waterholes. There is of course an Australian horror movie called Wolf Creek so there was a bit of “will the murderer return” discussion around the camp fire that evening.P9130094

Lots of the resident lizards sunning themselves. You can approach them quiet closely before they move.

After that there was only 100 kilometres to go before Halls Creek. By this time fuel was running low and we had used all our jerry cans. Craig’s fuel warning came on will about 50 kilometres to go and mine came on just as we reached the town outskirts.

The Tanami Road is being improved every year and soon it will probably be bitumen all the way but for the moment it remains remote and needs to be treated with caution and respect. The prospectors we meet at the scene of the accident said that was the second car rollover they had assisted in 2 weeks. The first was a carload of southerners who had no communications equipment and very little knowledge of outback travel. I am still amazed at the amount of people travelling in the outback without even a simple and cheap UHF radio.

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