Alice Springs – again


Monday 7 September

Woke up this morning to find that the defences to Fort Apache had not been breached during the night. Lots of shouting, loud music and dog fights up until about 2:00AM this morning though.

We have done about 10,000 kilometres since leaving home and whilst I changed the oil a couple of weeks ago the car does need a service. Rang up the Nissan agent in Alice and they have booked me in for a service tomorrow. So instead of heading to Palm Valley we set of for Alice. Because the road is sealed between Hermannsburg and Alice I put the tyres back up to highway pressure before opening the gates of Fort Apache. Whilst in Hermannsburg we visited the old Lutheran mission station that started in 1860 (approximately). It was fascinating seeing how they used what was available to build the mission. There was also a very comprehensive collection of photos on display. It is hard to imagine how these pioneers survived. The most well known of the Lutheran pastors, Carl Strelow was at the mission for over 20 years and only left to seek medical attention when he was terminally ill. He only made it 10 kilometres down the track before passing away. Of course Hermannsburg was the birth place of Albert Namajira.

The 125 kilometres between Hermannsburg and Alice is just full of places to see, you could spend a week and still not see everything. We will be back. Visited the grave of John Flynn which is on the highway just before entering Alice. Very impressive in its simplicity.

Staying in a caravan park about 2 kilometres from the city centre, in fact it is the closest park to the city. Chose this park as I can probably walk back after dropping the car of for service at 7:30 in the morning. Spent the afternoon getting a few things we need. Both of our chairs have broken connections and you can only use so much lashing. Have found a couple of replacement chairs at Barbeques Galore and will get them in the next couple of days.

We may spend a few days in Alice as we need a rest from travelling and there is so much to see and do in this town.

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