Coober Pedy

Thursday 3 SeptemberP9020013

On the morning we where leaving Glendambo we found two Sturts Desert Pea plants in full flower. Very pretty.

The trip to Coober Pedy was just a boring drive on bitumen. We did pass through a dust storm for about half an hour. This is definitely when air conditioning is at its best.

On the way we passed through one of the Royal Flying Doctor Service road emergency airstrips. P9020015 For the 500 metres that the road can serve as an airstrip it is wider than normal and has no camber. These emergency strips are rarely used as police are required to close the road.

Coober Pedy is full of tourists. There are at least four caravan parks, a large number of restaurants and of course a large number of opal sellers. Now that the highway is sealed it is a major port of call for caravan travellers and a few camper trailers. We are staying here for two days to do a bit of make and mend. We took everything out of the back of the car, re clamped and wedged the rear battery then cleaned everything before putting it back in. The dust and dirt in the car was so bad you got filthy every time you needed to get something. Now you only get slightly dirty! P9030027 P9030029






Vicki visited, and I tagged along, the underground Catholic Church. It was beautifully done and a haven from the heat and flies. It was fairly windy last night and as I have mentioned before these camper trailers do not handle strong winds very well. We had a few drinks with another couple travelling with a camper. They had had a range of caravans and campers and like everyone they had interesting experiences with both. We are trying to talk to as many people as possible and look at as many different ways of travelling as we can. That is except large caravans and all motor homes as these don’t suit our type of travel.P9030033

This is Vicki cuddling an orphaned grey kangaroo that the owner of a gallery we went into was hand rearing.

Tomorrow we will head further north. Don’t know where we will make camp, that will just depend on what we see and how far we travel.

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