Back to Alice Springs

Tuesday 1 September

Yesterday Bob found that the problem with the car was that the glow plugs where not getting any power. This was able to be fixed. However Bob and Heather have decided to head back home and have made a booking on the boat. We are not ready to come home yet so will continue with our original plans of returning sometime in October.

We have all come out in Sandfly bites. I think the tiny bit of rain at Coward Springs must have stirred the little buggers up.

There has been a cold wind blowing in Port Augusta late of an afternoon making for a cold evening. After looking at weather forecasts and general weather patterns we have decided not to visit the Eyre Peninsula or other coastal areas just yet as it is still to cold and windy so we are heading north, back to Alice Springs. I obtained some new bolts for the bull bar and installed these using Locktite  and an excessive amount of force. I am hoping that this may keep the bull bar from moving. If not it is a substantial job to fix it. Drove all over Port Augusta looking for various items so saw pretty much all there was to see. The thing we will remember about Port Augusta is the trains. Massively long trains moving all day and night. Whilst they where on the other side of the bay at times you could have sworn they where going to come right through the tent.

P9010007 This morning we said farewell to Bob and Heather, who have been terrific travelling companions and headed north. First stop Woomera. Spent two hours going through the 2 museums and the rocket park. What a fascinating history this place has. Len Beadell’s name comes up constantly. There is a memorial to him in the centre of town and he is buried in the town cemetery. His books are for sale in the souvenir shop and every piece of information you pick up seems to P9010003mention him.

Unfortunately there are no tours to the range head as there are currently two tests in progress. Even with the downsizing of testing at Woomera there is still a permanent population of 300.

We then headed north and made camp at Blendambo. Two roadhouses, a hotel/motel with about fifty units and a very large campground out the back.   P9010012

I think this place has seen better days but the camping fees are cheap and the showers are hot. It is obviously a major fuelling stop for road trains on the Stuart H’way.

Tomorrow we head off for Coober Pedy.

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