Mechanical Problems

The dust and corrugations have given us a couple of problems.

In Boulia I could not uncouple the camper from the car and had to undo the nut holding the coupling onto the tow bar tongue then using a hammer and drift separate the two parts of the coupling. When it was time to re couple the fittings would not mate properly until we had done a considerable amount of work with wet and dry paper. Phoned the manufacturer and they offered to send a new coupling as they had modified the one I had because of problems with bulldust. Hopefully the new coupling will arrive at Alice Springs today.

The electrical connection between the the car and camper has also been a problem. for anyone familiar with trailer connection you will know that there are many different sorts, round, rectangular, large, small, 5 pin, 7 pin, 12 pin etc etc. There is no standard, different states seem to favour different connections. I fitted a small 7 pin round connection to the car and camper however the camper plug has always been slightly difficult to plug into the car. This has got progressively worse as the bull dust increased. Finally the plug disintegrated when I tried to remove it from the car socket. I could not replace it in Alice. They had every other sort of plug except the one I had fitted. I was told that this was because that particular connection (the most common in the eastern states) does not handle the bulldust. So I have had to rewire both the plug and socket to fit what I could obtain.

We carry a second spare wheel and tyre on the roof rack however due to the pounding of the corrugations on the Plenty the rivets holding the roof rack track to the car have stretched loosening the rack. I have therefore been forced to relocate the second spare wheel to the camper trailer. Luckily the camper has a huge amount of storage

Whilst in Alice we have also taken the opportunity to fix other small issues with our equipment and buy a few bits and pieces we have not been able to obtain up until now.

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