The camper


I thought it time I showed you around the camper.

P8070005 P8070004

The front draw bar of the camper has from the hitch, connections for trailer lights and a separate connection for camper battery, then the handbrake, a stone deflector to protect the camper and also deflect stones downwards and so protect the rear window in the ute. Just on the inside of the deflector we have fitted a rubbish carrier that we can empty when we come to a rubbish tin.  There are then 3 x 20 litre containers of diesel. That gives us a total fuel capacity of 135 litres, enough for most situations. Towing the camper we are averaging 12 litres per 100 kilometres. There is then a large aluminium box in which we keep clothes (yes I know, we don’t own that many clothes, but it is only half full. I have mounted a 80 watt solar panel on this box. It is mounted on two stainless hinges and can be laid flat and secured by 2 bolts when travelling. Behind the solar panel you can see the rolled up tonneau cover that goes over  the tent when folded. At the bottom rear of the box is the holder for all the tent poles.

P8070007  P8070008

The rear of the camper houses the galley. As you can see they galley swings out on the tailgate. There is absolutely heaps of storage in the trailer. The galley box containing the sink has a 12 volt pressure pump. We purposely didn’t have a stove fitted. We like our pressure stove and having the ability to move the stove to where ever we like. The extension that the stove is sitting on folds over on top of the sink when packed up. Underneath the rear is an 85 litre water tank so with the water tank in the ute we now have 150 litres in total. Also at the rear are two stabiliser legs and a recovery hitch. The spare tyre fits on the tailgate. The tyres on the trailer are the same size and make as those on the ute. We therefore are carrying 3 spares. More on the camper in later blogs

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