ANNOUNCER – Vicki, could you tell our listeners how you discovered such a priceless opal.

VICKI – Well I was just noodling and happened to find it.

Dreams of course. If you are not familiar with the term noodling (and there is no reason why you should be) it means to fossick on someone’s mullock heap.


We spent the cooler parts of today noodling. Found some traces of opal but that is all. Vicki thinks she has enough for a pair of ear rings,P8090035





A spinifex pigeon spent a bit of time in camp today, they are very pretty birds. We haven’t had any other travellers in the camp ground in the 2 days we have spent in Opalton. Couple of campers pulled into the camp ground but no one stayed. We have really enjoyed our time here. However if we want to get to the NT before Christmas we had better move on.



This is our fourth trip to Central Australia and the trips just keep getting better!

Whoever said cleanliness is next to godliness had never camped in central Australia. Everything including us is covered in fine red dust. It gets in everywhere no matter how you try to stop it. So after awhile you just accept it. So whenever we camp near water a bucket of cold river water over the body is really welcome, you just have to beware of the mud when getting it.

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