Inside the camper



There is absolutely heaps of room inside the camper. Opposite is Vicki relaxing on the queen size innerspring mattress.






Opposite shows me just entering the camper and is taken from on the bed.




This is another shot looking at the bed, showing the steps, entrance to the battery compartment above the steps and the undone low ventilation panel. The canvas work is well thought out with lots of ventilation. All openings are screened and windows have a cover on both sides of the flyscreen making it very easy to control ventilation. Most outside covers can be pegged out to give coolness on a hot day. We have power connections for light etcetera both inside the camper and alongside the galley. The tent size could probably be half what it is which would make it easier to put up and down however the present size will be very handy if we strike any inclement weather. Presently it is 8:30pm Vicki is in bed reading and I’m writing this blog on a little table (purchase specially for blogging in Longreach) set up in the camper. You will see that I have added a date to the top of the blog. This is because we are now in no coverage areas and it will be some time until I can publish these on the Internet.

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