Diamantina National Park


Wednesday 12 August

Just one photo of some of the spectacular jump ups in this part of the country. This national park used to be a cattle property before being purchased by the Qld Govt about 40 years ago. The Diamantina enters a gorge that acts as a bottleneck and in flood times the river expands to over 60 kilometres wide. at the slightest rain you pack up and get out as not only does the whole area flood but also most of the dirt roads become impassable when wet.


Opposite is a photo of Hunters Gorge taken from Janets Leap a bone jarring 3 kilometre diversion from the main track. There are two camp sites within the park, Hunters Gorge and Gum Hole. We are camped at Gum Hole on the banks of Whistling Duck Creek. This camp site is smaller and has more trees than Hunters Gorge.



As soon as we made camp Vicki and Heather threw buckets of river water over themselves to cool off. Note they are standing on a couple of logs, otherwise they would be ankle deep in mud.




The corrugated roads have taken their toll on both vehicles and campers. The storage draws in both vehicles have given problems. Here Bob is fixing a draw latch that failed on his vehicle. I will look at our problem draw this afternoon. Also a plastic outlet fitting on Bob’s camper water tank has failed. We should be able to fix this at Boulia however we still have plenty of water anyway. 

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