Wednesday 12 August

I wish I could convey to you some idea of the racket the corellas are making on Whistling Duck Creek.


Starting about 7:00AM thousands of these birds line the creek bank making a ferocious noise. They only leave when Whistling Kits appear overhead looking for a feed. They keep this noise up until sunset.





Even with the racket from the corellas it is a very pleasant here.





Our “artists in residence” Heather and Vicki are painting, Bob is busy reading or as we have come to term it “in the library” and I’m writing this blog in the hope that sooner or later we will have mobile coverage and I will be able to publish it.

Supplies are desperately low, we are down to our last bottle of red wine and four beer. So tomorrow we plan to break camp and head to Boulia, a distance of about 200 kilometres. As I am down to slightly less than a quarter of a tank of diesel I will transfer one twenty litre can into the car this afternoon.

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