At Surprise Creek

 P8070002 Have spent a couple of days here and very good it is. Even managed to catch up with the washing. Bob’s fridge decided to stop working yesterday although looking back it was probably at Longreach where it first started to play up. Left Vicki and Heather in camp this morning and returned to Winton to see what could be done. Bob has purchased an icebox and we have moved most of the perishables into our fridge. This should be okay for the trip. Whilst in Winton I managed to publish several more blogs.



When swimming this morning we noticed a python coiled around the tree that was shading our swimming spot. Doesn’t really show up on this small photo. He is still there this afternoon.

I hope this blog is of interest to you. I am keeping each blog relatively small as they are easier to publish this way. Any comments please let me know.

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