Blackall to Longreach

Spent a couple of days at Longreach camped on the town common. Not as much bush or as private as we would have liked it was okay. On the day we left we visited the wool scour. A very interesting piece of machineryP8030008. Worked for 70 years, then lay idle for 20 until it was restored. They now have a diesel electric boiler to generate the steam but the original steam engine (pictured) still runs all the machinery. Of course it is now only run for the tourists as it is heritage listed.





You cannot visit Blackall without visiting the black stump!

We then left for Longreach. A very boring highway drive!



Stopped at Barcaldine where those with Labour affiliations could pay their respects to the “tree of knowledge”. Those early labourites must have been thirsty folks as you can see six pubs from the tree!

Then on to Longreach. We made for a free camping spot 4 kilometres north of the town however that was full of caravans and motor homes with generators and was generally very unappealing so we booked into a caravan park in town. What a rort, $30 a night for a piece of dirt barely large enough to erect the camper.


30 acres of caravans, by about 11 each day about 2/3 had departed and new arrivals streamed in. Longreach must be one of the main destinations for caravans and motor homes. The number in Longreach  was incredible. They certainly must support the local economy. Spent 2 nights in the park. Had far to much to drink the second night when we meet up with some fellow Tasmanians whom we had meet several times before on the track. Went to the Stockmans Hall of Fame but didn’t do any of the other tourist things. We where glad to leave Longreach it was just too touristy.

No telephone coverage where i am writing this so will publish this as well as the next couple of blogs when we get within 3G range.

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