Spas and Grey Nomads


These couple of photos are of the Blackall Aquatic Centre and Spa. 32 in the pool 36 in the spa. Spent a couple of hours there this morning. $2 each for all day– not bad value?

Like the Mitchell spa they use bore water from the great artesian basin. This water has to be cooled before going into the spa as it can be around 50 degrees.

Mitchell does not have a swimming pool just a spa but it is favoured by the grey nomads apparently some come every year and spend a considerable period of time in the town just for the spa. by the way these spas are not frequented by the “young and beautiful” but the “old and wrinkly”.


The amount of caravans and motor homes on the road is unbelievable. I reckon they bring a lot of money into these outback towns.

Caravaners have some peculiar habits, well not all but a fair few. I will give you my thoughts on them in a later blog.

Looking forward to getting our mail in Longreach. Thank you Beth and Richard.

I’ve had several attempts to publish this blog but whilst I have excellent reception there appears to be no available bandwidth. It just times out because of the slowness of the connection. No use complaining to Telstra I’m sick of talking to India!

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