Mitchell to Blackall

 P8010002 We are now in Blackall, camped 500 metres from the town centre on the banks of the Barcoo River. Only $5 a night to camp on the town common so that is pretty reasonable. As usual we loaded up with firewood on the track so we have plenty of firewood to cook with. About 430 kilometres from Mitchell to Blackall but is was a pretty easy leg as we sat on about 90 most of the way. Both here and in Mitchell we have seen a large number of professional roo shooters heading out of an evening. Russia brought about 75% of all roo meat until yesterday when they ceased to import any. The result has been a decrease in price from $1.30 to $0.60 a kilo to the shooters. This will have a serious effect on these communities.P8020005

The main street of Blackall is very pretty. Wide streets with grass and trees in the centre.







We had a pair of crested pigeons come into camp and take food from our hands.

It is still pretty cold of a night, around 2 degrees but the days are glorious, around 25 to 28 with not a cloud in the sky. Typical outback sky. We are still not sure what we will do after Longreach however we are thinking we might go to Alice Springs. The only downside to this is we would go via the Plenty/Donoghue Highways. Highway hardly describes the atrocious corrugations and bulldust on these so called highways. Anyway in Longreach we will make a decision.

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