Spa and camp oven

Well, today, Friday the informed people tell me, we had to spend a few hours at the local spa.  38 degrees and very well appointed.  For $5.OO we enjoyed a refreshing spa and cool water is served because one could dehydrate.  We got out because we went all wrinkly!! we can just show our pass this arvo and we’ll go back again for a refreshing dip before tea.  very busy day.  Had to wash sleepwear too.

Yesterday we walked for about 5klm to the weir here at Mitchell.

Seth hasn’t had to get our stove out yet as each night when camping by the lagoon or the Maranoa River we have prepared the evening meal on the coals provided by the blokes we are travelling with!  They create a mean fire and Heather and I wrap Potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potatoes etc in foil, and they cook very well while we concentrate on some sort of meat,onions, tomatoes,mushrooms, chilli sauce and a touch of garlic with a dash of soy and we stir the lot.  We have to drink copious amounts of gin, tonic, beer, bundy, coke, lemon, bitters, brandy, lime,wines while the meat simmers –Just dreadful really.  We hope we can get used to it eventually.


Heather and I tried to catch dinner yesterday, but apart from a few nibbles and $8.50 worth of garden worms we had an uneventful fishing evening.

Love you all. 

God bless, Vicki

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