We are now camped on the banks of the Maranoa River at Mitchell. Cannot describe the route from Condamine to here as we just followed the straightest line by minor roads. It was an enjoyable drive, even with the bull bust.



Mitchell is a typical outback Queensland town with very wide streets and a pub on almost every corner.






We are bush camped just out of town at a place called Fishermans Rest. Nice area with a long drop toilet. This is our third day here and as you are only supposed to stay for 48 hours we will move on tomorrow. We have to move if we ever expect to get to Longreach!


Whilst we carry firewood with us we found this rather large log at the campsite last night. There was enough left to cook breakfast on this morning!

So far we haven’t used our stoves at all, all cooking has been done on the fire – just the way we like it.

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