Caliguel Lagoon


Left Raewyn and Garry’s Monday morning heading west. Over Cunninghams Gap, the photo shows Bob and Heather about two thirds of the way up.

At Allora we turned of the main highway and took secondary roads. Through Leybourne, Cecil Plains thence to Condamine. It was great to leave the continual stream of large trucks behind.



This is cotton country around Cecil Plains, as flat as the eye can see. Very rick looking black soil flood plains.






Sunrise at the Caliguel Lagoon 7 kilometres south of Condamine which is just south of Miles. A great bush camping spot. Bob brought his chainsaw and we collected firewood along the way so had our first night around the camp fire last night. There was a campervan with a generator going which sort of spoilt the place but they did turn it off about nine.


You should hear the corellas, they are deafening. We have had a line out and a yabby pot in but so far haven’t caught anything. We decided to spend the day here and head of tomorrow.

Vicki and Heather are presently erecting a shower. Can’t see why, we only had one yesterday.

I think I’m starting to get the hang of this retirement thing!

I believe Jillaine and Ralph are in Mt Isa after attending the camel races at Winton. They are having a great time.

Tomorrow will see us head NW and try to find another bush camp.

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