On the Gold Coast with the camper!

 P7200006  it’s been a hectic couple of days but we have at last arrived at Craig and Pauline’s with the camper in tow.

Picked up the campers Monday morning. They are terrific however their pre delivery and delivery leaves a lot to be desired.

Went to Mark and Naomi’s and set it up in their back yard. It was soon evident that not everything had been supplied. A few phone calls and everything was fixed. Mark was fantastic. He ran me to all the shops that I need to go to to get all sorts of things. We have installed the solar panel on the front of the trailer.


We had a fantastic time at Mark and Naomi’s but it was soon time to leave. There was so much to do that I forgot to take photo’s of the camper set up until we packed up this morning in the twilight.

P7230010 P7230014

Anyway there will be plenty of time for photos when we head off west. The trailer seems huge and it is going to take me a bit of time to get used to towing it. Very comfortable sleeping.


You can see the size of the camper with Pauline and Vicki standing behind it. That’s Fella there between them.

We have repacked all our gear and it is certainly convenient to have it to hand in the camper. Mind you we brought a ridiculous amount away with us. Just in case we camp on the coast we even have our diving gear and body boards.


Can not wait to get out of this traffic. Four lanes from Brisbane to the Gold Coast not counting the slip lanes. Its certainly not like Orford!

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