In Queensland!!

I’m still a wreck from the drive on the Pacific Motorway this morning. Five cars at an intersection in Hobart and I am in a cold sweat.  Try 155 cars at any one intersection, and we, with our new HUGE camper trailer were having spasms at every turn.  I don’t care if there is a free ABBA concert on in Brisbane at any time in the near future, I will forego the pleasure!!

I have not been privy to what Seth has told you about, so if I tell you the same stuff..STIFF you know what!

We picked up the camping wonder trailer on Monday and set it up in Mark’s back yard.  We had our own private parkland. As we lay in bed- a queen-sized innerspring mattress- we marvelled at the space and planned how to fill it asap.  God help us on the Toowoomba Range ascent and I think we are also on the wrong side of Cunningham’s Gap!!! 

After several trips to the Super Cheap, Bunnings, BFC and other not to be mentioned outlets Seth had all that he needed to DO the Solar Panel.  Craig has just informed me that we need an oil cooler on the gear-box and a synthetic filter on the porta potty!!

I think he is out of control here and will be sent to his room!  Won’t waste any more of your time.  I have the distinct feeling that our first stop under the first clump of suitably hidden bush will be a lengthy one.  We are here at Craig and Pauline’s till Saturday morning and then we will go to Aratula where we will meet our travelling partners, Bob and Heather.

Monday 27 July will see us finally on the road.  Please God all is well at your home.  Thinking of you often. Don’t wish to make an issue out of it, but it is 26 here today!!


vicki(of the blue bait box) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

On Monday will meet our travelling partners, Bob and Heather,

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