At Brisbane

Arrived at Terry and Margie’s this morning after a short drive from Aratula. Off loaded everything from the back seat and left at Terry and Margie’s, picked up Ruby at went to Tia and Micks for a family barbeque.


Had a really great time seeing everyone after so long.

Brought Ruby home about 3:00 and then went to Terry and Margie’s where we are spending the night.

The traffic in Brisbane was worse than I remembered and it is Sunday. Not looking forward to driving through weekday traffic with the camper trailer.


The GPS has been fantastic. We have had it for 4 years now and we are still changing some of the settings to get the best use out of it. Had one issue with some roadworks being undertaken at Wacol where I took a wrong turn but the GPS had us back on track in no time.

Going out to a local restaurant with Margie and Terry about 7:00.

Then tomorrow morning we pick up the camper!

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